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We are a National Appraisal Management Company (AMC), supplying residential appraisal work to appraisers all across America. Our appraisal services offer a multitude of lending institutions quick delivery time and automated tracking of each appraisal order every step of the way. We want to drastically increase our clientele base so we can assign appraisal orders to thousands more hard working appraisers whom have been financially adversely affected due to major changes to the lending industry over the past 5 years.

We believe it would be a slam dunk for one or more of the Sharks, with their connections in the finance industry, to see a great opportunity to own a share of our company and help become one of the Nation’s largest AMCs in the industry, while at the same time offering appraisers enough lucrative work to regain the lifestyle this industry once did afford them to enjoy.

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