Ultimate Discount Services

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Ultimate Discount Services INC. is a company that focuses on everyday incidental accidents that we as the consumer say…”It won’t happen to me”! Lets nip one thing in the bud we are NOT INSURANCE! We are a membership company with powerful services that the everyday consumer needs for everyday incidental accidents. Answer these questions:
• Have you ever been in a car accident?
• Have you ever had a traffic ticket?
• Have you ever had your cell phone broke, stolen or lost?
• Do you have to pay a Co-Pay for medical, Dental, & vision visits?
• Is your credit a 720?
Now look at your answers, and you will agree when I say you need what we have to offer. Ultimate Discount Services INC will cover:
- 50% of your auto deductible
- 50% of any traffic related violation
- 50% of your cell phone deductible
- 50% of your medical, dental, & vision Co-Payment
- Enroll you in our credit repair program
- Get cash back rewards for places you shop on and off line
All of this for only $30 a month! We are a new innovative company that has been in business since June 1st 2014 and has well over 1,200 memberships along with offices in three states and counting. We are a growing company and we would love for your establishment to grow along side with us. Visit Ultimate Discount Services to find out more.

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