Startup of the Week - W. H. Golf

Double Duty-the divot repair putter. I have designed, patented and had manufactured a golf putter with a divot repair tool forged in the head. The putter is made of 431 stainless steel, 360 gram head weight, standard 36” shaft length w/ grip, 72 degree shaft angle, 3 degree face loft, F2 swing weight and face balanced. The putter comes in both right and left handed and conforms to the USGA Rules of Golf.

The putter may be used by all golfers but is more suited to the older or disabled golfer in that they can repair ball marks on the green with out bending over. Visit W. H. Golf to find out more.


Love W.H. Golf's putter...but why won't the Admin of the Shark Tank Zone reply to the fella (me) that has repeatedly asked to have the video changed on my product post? The Original Buoy Bat is my post and after 3 reply and the wrong video is up. Posting here is a last resort to try and get it changed. It starting to seem as if the admin wanted my $20 to post. Thanks and good luck to you at The Speed Funnel!

What is the link to correct video?

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