Startup of the Week - Bad A Boards

A few years ago we took a snowboard out to Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah. The board wouldn't maneuver down the steepest of hills. We tried pulling each other behind a Razor while holding onto a tow strap; we still had little success with this. The board just wouldn't go. We had fun trying and great intentions to make a day at the dunes more memorable. But still we wanted to succeed on how to make this work. With a lot of research we finally figured out how to sandboard and wanted to share one of our passions with others. Sandboarding without being pulled. We hope that you will have just as much fun as we do Sandboarding and that you will make memorable moments with your family and friends. We will sell Sandboards, Sand Sleds, Wax, and more. Visit Bad A Boards to find out more.


Yea this is a great board everyone please vote to get their business going, Thanks

This is so cool....I want one.

This is AMAZING :) Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

I can't wait to try this out myself. Novel ideas deserve chances to succeed and this is one of those ideas.

They are so much fun! Unreall how much fun I had on them!! Everyone should buy one one and try it! Its really easy to pick up and learn right away!!

Skydive?? Is that you?? Haha you were awesome!! Thanks for all your help!

Skydive!!!! Your the poster child for bad a boards!!!! Thanks for all your help and for your family's help also. I had a blast this weekend!!

This is one of the coolest sports. Had a blast this weekend sandboarding out at Little Sahara. The staff was awsome.

Thanks for the board Cheryl....

What a way to spend the weekend. I thing I have sand in every crevis. lol

What a way to spend the weekend. I thing I have sand in every crevis. lol

Awsome idea....wish i would have thought of it. I remember going down the sand mountain on cardboard boxes.

kids loved it

spend every easter at the dunes and it was just one more thing to make a great weekend even better. hope you guys rock it

Wow...... What an amazing week for us. Our Grand Opening out at Little Sahara Sand Dunes was a huge success. Can't wait to see our company on ABC 4 news tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and bought a board. :)

Bought a new board this weekend and love it :)

Hey everyone dont miss us tonight on ABC 4 News at 10 P.M. They are doing an entire story on our Company. :) Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

These are awesome, great job cheryl!

Hi.I'm looking for some one to look at an idea i have gotten a coppyright on.And if you see what i see and could get it going i would give 50%of profit to you 25% to the hungry and 25% to me.this idea should go all over the world.

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