Show My CoCo

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They are 3 sisters, Natalie, Michelle and Cindy, and like many young females, they study, work, have fun and are women with all that comes with it. They decided to come together and develop "Show My Coco" to bring out the creative side of themselves and better be able to showcase their personalities through one of the most important things in most people's lives, a phone!

Show My CoCo is how they choose to express ourselves through uniquely designed phone charms. A Coco case is a specially developed phone case that allows users to decorate it with funny stainless steel charms in order to "Show Your Coco". Each case is clear and comes with a sliding door where the charms are placed on display. The charms can be moved, changed and even custom made to better showcase one's own unique personality.

"CoCo" is a crazy way to express yourself, and everyone has a little "CoCo" within themselves.

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