Shark Tank Season 4 Premiere - BevBuckle and Buggy Beds Get Deals

Last night ABC started airing Shark Tank Season 4. The first episode (total of 22 episodes this year) gave an indication that this could be one of the best show’s seasons yet. With awarded Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Reality Programming viewers couldn’t have been more excited the premiere. BevBuckle - clothing and accessory company and Buggy Beds - bedbug detection system scored great deals with sharks. Below is the list of companies that pitched to the sharks during the season four premiere:

CoatChex was born in the bars and nightclubs of Bloomington, IN as a solution to a very real problem: coats and jackets were routinely stolen or lost due to the lack of coat checking services. After a few years of checking coats the “old-fashioned” way, it was clear to us that the industry needed to undergo a revolution – and CoatChex Ticketless Technology was the answer.

Beer Clothing Company, LLC is a clothing and accessory company that holds a U.S. Patent and many patent pending designs under its belt. Our most popular design, BevBuckle also known as "The BeerBuckle" is an amazing retractable beverage holding belt buckle. Not just a caddy novelty item, but a functional fashion accessory that has already found its way into the wardrobes of many people across the U.S., including many popular musicians.

BodyWalking is one of kind therapeutic bodywork. Utilizing slow compressions we have created the most user friendly, lowest energy expenditure on your body the practitioner while creating the most profound therapeutic results for your clients. To top it off, your not hanging from anything, your not having to use your own bodies energy to provide the therapy. You are utilizing BodyWalking technology and gravity to provide the therapeutic result.

BuggyBeds® is a patented bedbug detection system that will never interfere with your lifestyle and bring you peace of mind everywhere you go! It is designed to alert you that you have a potential problem, before it's too late! Our custom formulated glue monitors are designed to attract bedbugs and other insects into the trap for detection purposes. BuggyBeds® monitors have a unique crushproof design that allows for easy access of bugs and a clear viewing area for easy detection.


Having an undergraduate Business degree, Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS) from American University, and 32 years in Business -- thought that Derek Pacque was the smartest guy in the tank/room. -AND, he demonstrated more class than all of the sharks combined. Robert Herjavec's comment at the end (to Derek) "I admire your courage" was good. Derek the ONLY fault you have is that you are way ahead of your time. Love your product, LOVE how you were not intimidated by the sharks, and love how you were smart enough to walk away with your company still intact! The sharks thought they could intimidate you, but you did not succumb to them ! Furthermore, hope that Mark Cuban will think twice before he offers a weak deal to someone much younger than him. -You clearly put him in his place, as well as the others. Best of luck to you, your IU professor, staff, and company! Love Coat Chex !

I want to vote for someone how so I do that??

just to let ya'll know if you make a deal with the us military you will make millions because seems like almost every base across the us and overseas have bedbug problems just saying... money money money... great idea!

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