Shark Tank 2013 - Season 4 Finale

Shark Tank season 4 extended final episode ended with high anticipations of season 5. Val Brennan came in asking for $200,000 in exchange for 10% of Three Day Rule - online matchmaking company. Val started Three Day Rule after having trouble on the dating scene because she was a lawyer working 16 hours/day, with no time for online dating. Three Day Rule claims to be different than other dating website because everyone must be invited or endorsed to get in, resulting in a quality pool of singles. Once applicants are accepted, there’s a $100 per month membership fee, and they can take a quiz and then receive matches and can start communicating immediately. Val says that Three Day Rule seeks to fill their roster with members who are established and accomplished, both personally and professionally. This online matchmaking company actually grew from her profitable offline venture that charged members $1,000 for three dates and brought close to $100,000 in revenue last year. Despite the fact that this start-up has investor valuing at $4 million valuation, the Sharks aren't in.

Next up was Daniela Kelly, her 11 year old son Ryan, and their dog, Barkley, presenting Ryan’s Barkery. Ryan is seeking $25,000 for a 25% stake in his fresh and all-natural dog treat company. After noticing the unnatural ingredients that make up most dog treats, Ryan and his mom were inspired to make treats that smell (and taste!) delicious for dogs. Thus, Ryan’s Barkery was formed, and he specializes in pumpkin apple, banana oat, and low-fat cheddar treats. With a Shark’s investment, Ryan hopes to start a website and begin fulfilling orders with the use of a commercial kitchen. Ryan currently works for the company by baking treats before school, and his only debt is the $200 his mom gave him to start the business. The Sharks all like Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit, however most of them want Ryan to continue to develop this business all on his own. Only Barbara is in $25,000 for 25% and the deal is done.

Last to present were Corey Ward and Trew Quackenbush founders of grilled cheese and tomato soup shop called Tom and Chee. Two friends were asking for $600,000 for 10% of their sandwich company. Tom and Chee has been successful thanks to a menu of over 20 unique and creative sandwich options, including one top seller made on a doughnut instead of bread. The business began humbly in 2009, with the first restaurant opening one year later. Soon after, a mall offered them an opportunity to open their second store, and their first franchise opened in Kentucky in 2012. Their 2012 annual sales were $1.5 million. Tom and Chee’s franchise location did $100,000 in sales in one month in 2012, with 7.5% of that coming back to corporate. Always looking for her next great food deal, Barbara is first to make an offer of $300,000 for 15%, hoping for other Sharks to join her. Kevin and Robert each agree to put up $100,000 for 5%, leaving room for one more to jump in. Mark, however wants a deal just between him and Barbara at $300,000 for 15% apiece. Also Mr Cuban wants the exclusive rights to Texas. Mark and Barbara strike a deal with Tom and Chee.


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