Secret Happy Hour

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Secret Happy Hour aims to bring customers and restaurants together in a way like never before. Here's how it works: The restaurant, can publish Secret Happy Hour specials to our app in real time, so that our user base can see them. Everything is also location based, so they're only advertising to people that live, or are currently in, their immediate area. In fact, when they publish a Secret Happy Hour, everyone with the app in a 15 mile radius will hear about it, instantly. Taking this idea a step further we added SHH Beacons. These small low energy bluetooth beacons can be placed in their shop and Secret Happy Hour users that are within 200 yards will receive a notification on their phone about your current specials. Imagine walking down the street in a new city and the place you are standing next to sends you a notification of a special, that's where you are going to eat!

The idea behind this is to help the customer discover new places, and it turn help you build more regulars. The most important part of Secret Happy Hour is that fact that the restaurants and bars control the specials, and everything is completely dynamic. Whether it is drinks, food, or entertainment, the choice is theirs. We are launching the app throughout the US and Canada in December 2013.

We have made a lot of great progress, currently our we have 75 registered accounts with bars and restaurants and over 100 physical locations!

We are building a service that will change the way customers and restaurants interact. Our goal is to help customers discover new places to dine out, save them some money, and hopefully find them their new favorite spot. On the other end of that spectrum we aim to help local restaurants and bars advertise in a way that gives them a fighting chance against the big chains. Visit Secret Happy Hour to find out more.

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