RuckPack - Shark Tank Combat Nutrition

Finding the right energy drink is crucial for people needing an energy boost while on-the-go or exercising. Many energy drinks do give consumers an energy boost, but don't provide any other nutritional benefits. There is, however, an energy drink on the market that has caught the attention of many looking for nutrition with their energy boost.

RuckPack Combat Nutrition is a nutrient rich energy drink created by an individual named Major Robert Dyer. Dyer first fostered the formula for the energy drink while serving his Tour of Afghanistan, out of a desire to create a drink to help energize his troops without the harmful and oft negative effects of typical energy drinks.

Since starting his business Noots Nutrition in 2008, Dyer started selling the RuckPack energy drink. Unlike other energy drinks on the market, Dyer made sure that no caffeine, sugars or other harmful ingredients were present in its original formula. Although Noots Nutrition now produces RuckPack drinks with caffeine and sugar, the original formula is what put the drink on the map. In addition, the 90 percent military owned company gives a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations.

RuckPack separates itself from the pack of existing energy drinks by offering a nutrient rich formula. How exactly does the energy drink achieve this feat? RuckPack contains a combination of both essential vitamins and minerals that help boost a consumer's overall bodily functions. The ingredients include calcium, magnesium, electrolytes, potassium and the vitamins C, B6 and D3. These ingredients mainly work together to foster lasting energy and core wellness for the consumer.

The energy drink RuckPack is also known to be beneficial in helping alleviate symptoms from many conditions, which can include relieving stress and high blood pressure, improving memory, diminishing aging, helping the heart and its corresponding circulation and even burning fat. The drink even sharpens a person's mood, improving their attitude and promoting a respondent immune system.

RuckPack has recently been subject to additional exposure on the business oriented reality television program Shark Tank. In Episode 11 of the fourth season, Dyer himself pitched the drink to the panel of 'sharks,' seeking to convince one of the panel members to invest in his combat tested product.

The investment would eventually open wider avenues for the product, allowing it to be distributed in larger quantities across the United States. Did Dyer end up with the investment? You'll have to watch the episode for yourself!


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