REMYXX Sneakers: The World’s First Recyclable Sneaker

Every year, landfills all over the world are filled up with millions of pairs of discarded shoes, but now REMYXX Sneakers are here to help! As seen on the popular show Shark Tank by creator Gary Gagnon, these trendy and environmentally friendly sneakers are the first footwear in the world that are one hundred percent recyclable. Nearly everyone wears sneakers, from toddlers to adults, and if everyone wore shoes that were recycled instead of being tossed into landfills, this would generate much less trash each year. REMYXX sneakers are fun to wear and come in so many different styles that you could replace every pair of traditional sneakers that you currently own and do you part to help the environment at the same time.

Gagnon first brought his product to light on the entrepreneur-themed show Shark Tank this year, and since then, there has been a lot of buzz about this product. REMYXX sneakers came to be when the inventor was taking some old shoes out to his own trash can and wished he could put them in the recycling bin instead. The idea never really did let go, and now his company makes the world’s first “green” sneaker that is totally and one hundred percent recyclable, right down to the shoelaces. Why wear shoes that you will eventually throw away, adding to the ever-growing problem of what do to with our trash? When REMYXX sneakers wear out, you can simply toss them into the recycle bin along with your plastics, papers, and other recyclable materials. The company also offers discounts to customers who return the used shoes to them directly, so you keep trash out of the landfill while you save on your next pair of sneakers at the same time.

The popularity of REMYXX sneakers are growing every day, and with so many great styles to choose from, you can fit every member of your family with a pair of great-looking sneakers that you can be assured will do no harm to the environment. Ecological awareness should be on everyone’s mind, and wearing these sneakers are a great way to make a pledge to this cause. Every part of this long-lasting shoe is made of biodegradable material, from the soles to the laces to the canvas-like polyresin material the company uses. When you buy a pair of REMYXX sneakers, you can be assured that the only thing that will be left behind from them on the earth are the footprints that you make.

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