Quick Drain

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Quick Drain is a polyethylene subterranean drainage and water reclamation product. The most efficient drainage product on the market. Can be installed with a walk behind trencher by the home owner or contractor eliminating the need for a backhoe, dump truck and large crew for installation. The unique design also accepts water from downspouts and surface drainage eliminating the need for two separate systems and can be flushed out which others cannot. Quick Drain is currently in five western states. Installations include residential, commercial, golf courses, sports stadiums, outdoor amphitheaters and government buildings. Supported by both utility and design patents. Tested and approved by, IAPMO Reasearch and testing receiving the UPC approval. Tested and approved by Underwriter's Labratories.
With the changing weather patterns and the recent droughts the need for the most efficient systems for water reclamation is great. Quick Drain addresses these issues and passes with flying colors.

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