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PolyBorder™ is a high density polyethylene landscape border system. Available in three attractive colors with a high load UV inhibitor to withstand extreme heat as well as freezing temperatures. There are three boxed kits available, allowing the homeowner to create a perfect tree ring, border gardening spaces or straight walkways within MINUTES. Before now, such bordering required concrete to be used. Unlike concrete, PolyBorder™ will not crack or sink and it is REUSABLE. As a yard is changed, PolyBorder™ can change with it! It's hollow design creates a cavity to hide irrigation, drip tubing, wiring and more. Held secure by interchangable colored grout clips, PolyBorder™ has strength as well as flexability. We have put years into the research and development of PolyBorder™ and there is nothing like it on the market today. Please visit polyborder.com for more information, testimonials and actual before and after photos, and PLEASE VOTE! Please visit PolyBorder™ to find out more.

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