The Original Buoy Bat

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The Original Buoy Bat is a patented new sporting good handmade in Maine with authentic lobster pot buoys and hardwood handles. Played like baseball, Buoy Bat is perfect for the beach, backyard, or playground and wicked easy to hit because of it's oversized sweet spot. The bat comes with soft foam balls that are face-friendly and don't break windows.

The popularity of Buoy Bat is spreading like wildfire with clear signs it's taking roots around little league baseball. This product shows clear signs of being the next big hit in America!

The company, Buoy Sports LLC was formed by Buoy Bat inventor Bill Page to take The Buoy Bat to market. Buoy Sports also offers The Original Bathroom Buoy, a freestanding toilet paper holder made from a real lobster buoy as well as decorative buoys. Visit The Original Buoy Bat to find out more.

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