Mystical East

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Mystical East pledges to bring to the west, ancient wisdom cocooned in everyday products for your daily dose of wellness and energy for everyday living.

We introduce these sacred secrets of nature to the modern world through our Rudraksha jewelry range called “Seeds of Paradise” and our aromatherapy pillow range called “Flaura”. Taking a step forward, we have also introduced a concept of color therapy in our aromatherapy pillows. Visit Mystical East to find out more.

Our Pledge & Purpose

To draw everyone closer in the light of the new age leading to higher awareness of spiritualism

To induce style and panache with simplicity and purity

To invoke gently the energies of nature and promote natural healing

To make a difference and share the gifts of this planet with all mankind

To replenish and give back Mother Earth- to draw without destroying

To encourage skills, restore the self-confidence of our brothers and sisters with little or no opportunities

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