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Personal shopping cart.. one cart that handles all transactions easily and efficiently. Whether paying bills or making purchases. You would have your bank account or card attached to one shopping cart. You can purchase anything from any store. Instead of adding product to store cart or filling out new customer forms or checking out as guest, You would add your selections to one personal desktop cart and cell app cart. No matter if you have products from many different stores or many companies for bills. Your cart will take care of it all. You can have products from many different sites, stores, companies etc all in one transaction. The program is a smart program designed to take care of transactions for you. Simply add to your cart and your cart does rest. Your cart will pay each store or bills individually and send reciepts, confirmations, tracking or warranty to your account profile along with purchase history and all account details. Will be a highly secured site for paying bills and making purchases together in one transaction. The program enters your details to each company and finalizes every purchase including shipping and appropriate taxes. You can add products to your cart right directly from google shopping and not even have to visit site store. You would have an icon that is log on at all times. And no matter where you go your personal shopping cart stays by your side. Again to use your cart you would just add products to your personal cart not to the cart of the store. Its an all in one portal for any and all transactions maybe even wire transfers etc.

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