Keepsake Kritters

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We are a wholesale and retail business that originated from our family owned 3d/4d Ultrasound Facility. After hearing many opinions from mothers, grandmothers, and children over the years we decided to create Keepsake Kritters. Each kritter was designed by us who are mothers ourselves and they each have their own unique story that children can relate to. These kritters go on adventures together with your child through these personalized books that come with each kritter. We are bringing back morals to our children!!! We have even come up with the idea for an app to go along with each kritter but need the funding to implement our ideas. These seven adorable kritters also come with a red heart shaped recorder for you to record a special message to the one you love. These kritters truly are the keeper of our hearts!! Each heartbeat is also available for individual sale for an incredible profit. One could pack a special message in their child's lunchbox or husband's suitcase, propose to a loved one, send a get well message, record your baby's heartbeat, or just say I love you! Who will you give your heart to? Visit Keepsake Kritters to find out more.

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