Joyz Medical Concepts

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We are Joyz Medical Concepts, LLC, and a small business healthcare company. Our product the RollEZLift, will revolutionize maneuverability challenges for bedridden patients without the use of hydraulic lifts or machinery. It is made of a soft durable fabric material for patient comfort yet strong enough to successfully maneuver patients of weights up to 400 lbs without additional stress to their bodies. It reduces the number of caregivers needed to maneuver a patient: one hand to maneuver and one hand free for safety and/or cleaning of the patient. The RollEZLift helps to prevent additional injuries by moving from the core of the patient’s body. It will help replace the use of transfer boards and draw sheets. My patient expressed to me she felt like she "...was being hoisted with a meat hook. The RollEZLift is made to give the patient a more comfortable personal experience versus the use of hydraulics. My research shows 83,342 South Florida beds in Nursing Homes alone. Hospitals, Hospices, Home Health Care Agencies, VAs, Incontinence Care Facilities, Nursing Cancer Centers, and MRI all of these facilities will benefit from the use of the RollEZLift with a reduction in patient injuries and staff costs. Visit Joyz Medical Concepts to find out more.

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