How To Get On Shark Tank - Application

One of the Shark Tank TV show's past participants agreed to share his personal experience in our blog. In this first post he talks about how he applied and got into Shark Tank. Here is this entrepreneur's story in his words:

Shark Tank is ABC’s reality hit TV show. Over 6 million people watch Shark Tank every Friday night at 9PM EST. Currently ABC is broadcasting Shark Tank Season 5. The show features a panel of five wealthy entrepreneurs who are called "sharks". The panel evaluates and negotiates investment proposals from entrepreneurs. I was one of the entrepreneurs on the show.

If your business is just in early idea stage Shark Tank most likely won’t be interested in you. When the show’s first season aired in 2009 they did have some crazy ideas or prototype stage businesses on the show. The one that stands out the most is Wake n’ Bacon. Matty Sallin presented his alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon instead of a buzzer. The aroma wakes you up, then you can open the oven and eat the bacon itself. With growing show’s success the selection process became more vigorous and businesses that got aired on the show where more mature to where they had patents, trademarks, growing sales and some kind of publicity. But if you do have that crazy idea and you are not afraid to become a fool on the show and being laughed at you can try.

I have submitted my Shark Tank application by simply following the instructions provided on Shark Tank Zone website. At that time I didn’t have to fill out Short Term application questionnaire which is required now when you are submitting your application. In addition I sent an e-mail to . My opening statement was pretty much like this one: “Hello Sharks, I love and watch Shark Tank!...”. Then I had few paragraphs outlaying my business – what is it, who the customers are and our success stories such as media coverage and any other achievements. Then I told a little bit about myself and where the business is based. As instructed I included my photo. For more than 6 months I heard nothing and almost forgot about Shark Tank but then I received a call from David Polanzak, Casting Director at Shark Tank. After verifying that I am still interested in being on the show, David asked me to pitch him. I asked if I could call back since I wasn’t prepared but he cut me off and pretty much told me: “This is your chance, pitch me your business now”. I did, somehow words just poured out of me and gave him my 60 second presentation over the phone. He liked it and then he asked me how much money I am going to be asking for and for what percentage of the equity. This was another moment where I was unprepared and I just blurted that I am going to be asking for $150,000 in exchange for 10% of the company. Then he asked me what I am going to be using money for. Another question I wasn’t prepared to answer so I just started with:” Operations, marketing, product development….”. He liked my quick and creative answers and at the end, David told me he would be e-mailing me Shark Tank Application Packet and Background Authorization form.

Over the next few days I received e-mail from David that started like this: “Congrats on making it to the Personal Video Submission round for ABC's Shark Tank. There are two documents attached: 1) Application Packet and 2) Background Authorization....” E-mail had detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms and told me to submit pitch video of no longer than 3 minutes. Here is another short excerpt from this e-mail: “PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLEARLY DESCRIBE WHAT YOUR PRODUCT OR BUSINESS IS, WHAT IT DOES, AND TO VISUALLY DEMONSTRATE YOUR PRODUCT/BUSINESS.

After reviewing the application and background authorization form, I knew I had a lot of work to do. I will cover my next step in another blog post, so stay tuned.


On one show there was a young & inexperienced man in california who had a patent for a machine that could produce a personalized & styled sneaker in one hour. He got blown off because he seemed more into spending every cent he made. Ok, but he produced $50,000 sales from a 500 sq. ft store. Didn't anyone of the sharks see the DOMINOES business model? You can't go broke renting 500 sq ft stores near major high schools and colleges. Those students will each get 4-5 pairs a year, and when their mood changes, they'll get a new pair. The sharks could have been in and out of the deal in a couple of years, franchising along the way.

EMERGENCY NOW COMPLETED AT PRESENT: 1. Interactive website 2. Handbook 3. Calendar 4. Placemats (5) 5. Trademark 6. Copyright 7. Products that represent the ideas and ideals of the company I have a publishing company in the field of emergency preparedness, which specializes in educational awareness for children ages 8-14. This company is geared for English speaking as well as ESL children. There are many books and publications available to teach adults about how to respond to emergencies. However, there is nothing available for children! My publications have a heavy emphasis on the use of cartoons and illustrations which enables children to identify easily with the information being presented. This idea was spawned while I have been living in Asia, amongst people who have no awareness of emergency preparedness. I felt inspired to help these children to be prepared in case of emergencies. By using a cartoon family as the focus, it allows readers to relate with the characters, and learn about emergency preparedness without feeling afraid. These publications are meant to be a primer course on preparedness education and will hopefully wet the reader’s appetites and create a desire for further exploration. I have also created a merchandise series including: backpacks, fanny packs, hats and t-shirts. These accessories are designed to further increase awareness amongst children. The idea is that the more often the “Emergency Now” logo is seen; the more reminders there will be of emergency preparedness training. I am hoping to find a publisher that would like to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership with me to get these materials published both nationally and internationally. The name “Emergency Now” is trademarked and the material is copyrighted. We also have created a website which is now up and running My company has also created blogs, and other social media tools to help increase awareness. I feel that there is great potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. Your Company would be an ideal candidate for publishing these titles and merchandise. With your help, we can teach children to plan, prepare, and protect for an emergency. Perhaps we might even be able to help save a life! Please have a look at my website, to see all of the products I have developed. If interested, I would be happy to send you samples of anything you would like – books, calendars, merchandise, etc. I am passionate about reaching out to the world with this message. I have a team behind me that consists of experts at website development, social media marketing, SEO, video and other aspects of press, so I am happy to help market these products. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with an untapped market of children and those who do not speak English as a first language. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely yours, Bari Swartz Bari Swartz Eugene, Oregon USA 1541.515.3843 Cambodia +855.976.992877

I'm 58 and have sold everything door-to-door since the age of 10. When I attended college I wanted to go into music (ie. percussion) and The University of Northern Iowa has a great reputation for jazz worldwide. But, my father told me there was no money in music and I should go into business. So, I took Business/Marketing for 2 and 1/2 years. I don't regret my decision and I never gave up music either. My education has also been furnished by the streets of Los Angeles and several other cities across America. In this stage of my life several inventions have been spawned by me with cooperation from friends and relatives. Then, ABC-TV started to highlight 'Made in America' and our local affiliate KCRG-TV 9 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa got an e-mail from me. . . . I saw the first report and noticed Ashley Hinson was the reporter. I went on their online web page, discovered her e-mail address, invited her to peruse my website with about a 3 sentence story of my own and when it came due to air another Eastern Iowa story she called me, arranged an interview and the rest is history. I will probably use this piece of media for quite some time to further my marketing capabilities including two of my inventions to enhance the drumming community. Now I have also adapted my products to appeal to sports crowds. I have also invented with little effort an easily made product which grosses over 1,000% profit at a retail price of $5.95 - - - I am a huge fan of The Shark Tank. I think it is time to entertain the Sharks!

Patent urinal pad that saves 40,000 gallons a year per urinal. Pad is placed in EXISTING urinal. A green product save water save money.Pleas call for info 603 497 3571 or 603 660 3580 Fax 603 497 5007

I have my product on Shark Tank Zone under the 7 day section. I am havinf a problem with people wanting to vote and it want let them. Did you have this problem. I have a great product. It is the first bathroom for little to medium dog to go and hike their leg, instead of on your furniture. Thanks Linda Rowe - My Boys Pee Pod,LLC


I would like to go on sharkTank but I hear they take 2% of your company weather you make a deal with them or not. Is this true? I am a new business that invented the Putter Buddy. A golf club Stand when your not on the green in regulation. So instead of laying your putter on the ground while pitching onto the green, you lean your putter against the Putter Buddy and never leave a club behind or have to bend over to get them. I am wondering if it is a good idea...

I would like to get on shark tank

Giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20 LaQuana Alexander is founder and CEO of L.A.’s Creative Creations. She was born in La Mesa, TX on October 27, 1975. L.A.’s Creative Creations is inspired by the gift of creativity that God has blessed her with. Known for her unique one-of-a-kind style that has heads turning everywhere she goes, Ms. Alexander has carried her creative trend-setting, innovative fashion into her diverse jewelry line that will inspire and revitalize the fashion industry. This company is designed to enhance the beauty of every woman’s dream outfit. L.A.'s Creative Creations jewelry displays her uniquely handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that were inspired by her cherished loved-ones. Twisted Pearl, a collection that puts a modern hip twist on the elegance of pearls comes from the inspiration of her mother Pearlene. The Isyss collection, infuses the bling with a classy yet trendy style. The Oshadhi collection, offers its trendy combination of chains, beading, earrings, and necklace look to give you a sleek and modern day feel of a true trend-setter, named after her baby sister. These are just a few of Ms. Alexander's many collections she continually designs for those who can't get enough of her uniqueness. Ms. Alexander wants to inspire people to see and experience L.A.’s Creative Creations through her eyes and know that all things are possible to them that believe and walk by faith and not by sight. For more information about purchasing, booking shows or viewing merchandise; please go to or email; Google LAs-Creative-Creations like us on Facebook at

I love this show and would like to share my invention.

I invented all sides credit card and one credit card could have up to 8 different credit cards on one by putting multiple strips.

i have invented all sides credit card and i would like to go on shark tank.

I have invented all sides credit card it could be very usefull and i have it patent and i am looking for some one who can help me go to the next step and make it usefull thanks.

The company has several non-provisional utility patents pending and will have many more in the near future. A few of the applications that have recently been published by the USPTO have been greatly modified since they were originally submitted and are currently (Continuation in Part Applications Pending). The company develops search and rescue equipment as well as other types of useful equipment ranging from life boats, stretchers, cellular phone chargers, chafer heaters and much more. The Companies start up business will licence some of its technology to manufactures in the USA and elsewhare.The companies business plan is a simple one 20% of the products are replenishable and specialty medical products, such as gloves and catheters. Another 20% of products are exam tables, medical devices and such. Another 20% of the business will consist of selling and/or distributing existing search and rescue equipment from manufacturers and businesses within the USA. The remaining 40% are the companies products of which will be manufactured in the USA of which are mostly search and rescue products. The company is on the US Federal contractors list.GSA has a very strong interest to distribute our rescue products. Projects start from somewhat inexpensive to be developed to more advanced products. These are specialty products that could be sold overseas as well.

I am interested in being on the show


12-8-13. I love and watch Shark Tank all the time. I have two previous utility patents after years of work and landed a 50 million dollar loan, but then our outside investor changed the terms as he was backing our loan so my partner and I didn't take the loan. Now I have a new partner and a new invention that can be used in every household in America, cost little to produce and has the potential for billions. Start up is hard but I've been through it all before. All I need is money. ;) The provisional patent has been taken care of but I'd sure love to be on the show to really get it off the ground. Many lives may be saved with it. I'll even bet they all want in. ;) Dan

Why does the announcer always say, "The entrepreneur must convince the sharks to invest the FULL amount of what they are asking, or they will walk away with nothing"? 1/2 of them never get the full amount & still walk away with a shark or 2 as a partner. So we all know that opening statement is not true at all! Please ask the announcer to watch the show once in a while to get a clue as to what is going on. btw, even if the sharks don't buy in, most businesses boom just from being on the show. how is that nothing?

Hello!!! How is everyone!?! I am very interested in describing and displaying a new jewelry line I have available for purchase, and it has totally amazed many people!!! Please give me the chance to show you what it is!!! Thanks, Crystal

Attention: Shark Tank entry form staff, My product is quite simply an improvement on an item that you likely have 2 or 3of in your home at present. and, if you're like me, and EVER SO tired of taking the time to reload your toilet paper dispensers, and the age old deli ma, (should the paper roll over or under the top syndrome?) I would like to solve that issue and, introduce this new {Seldom-Out} dual Toilet Paper dispenser in an effort to help the Handi-Capable adult employees at The Achievement House earn the honest living that they so deserve. I am soon to be a guest speaker at the NCI and affiliates location at 496 Linne Road in Paso Robles Ca.. I've been invited to conduct a clinic wherein I will both,introduce this Very handy/clever product, and, teach the a fore mentioned employees how to assemble them with ONLY One Phillips screw driver. After assembly, they will paint, and then Proudly sign and date each unit and the majority of any profits will go to whatever worthy cause/s that the executives at the business deem worthy. god put this project onmy heart several years ago and I am finally ready to go into Mass production with them. Too, I have a very good friend in management at Home Depot that has promised me that When {not IF},, > but ({[when]}) these dispensers are available, He will present the concept and product samples to the exec.'s I call them Seldom-Out for the simple fact that, When you get down to the cardboard tube on one side, you THEN look to see IF you have more T.P.,,, Often times, even the best planners run out. Never again! that cardboard tube looks rather Tacky and, the last roll will give you JUST enough time to run and purchase more,, thus {Seldom-Out}! PS> I've been making and gifting them for over a decade and Everyone that owns one, Has given them rave reviews. Thank you for your time and consideration. sincerely, ready to make available, at least TWO per household WORLD WIDE! aka Darrell M. King Sr. 805.237.04243and/or

We carry trendy women's clothes, shoes, purses, lingerie, jewelry and more. is for the savvy fashionista on a budget. We would love to go on shark tank to grow our company. We need more marketing and more resources to fulfill our orders. Please contact us

I have the only online dating site doing thorough criminal background checks...searching 137 databases and omitting all violent crimes, inmates, wanted, stalkers, sex offenders, most felons....using TRULY verified identities in only 2 easy steps! Also protects everyone from IDENTITY THEFT by not giving your personal information to do a background check on you! This needs mass marketing and has the potential of making $4 million from 1/2 of 1% of last year's market of online daters. Is that an accurate prediction? We have new people trickling in every day, but getting traffic/site buzz takes more people...Contact me if you have money to help invest or have marketing skills...getting on this show seems too long (6 months!?) and stringent.

I have a real good product for toddlers this is the best invention ever it is a really good idea for toddlers. it is safe in the bath tub.

Selling lays potato chip crumbs same concept no messy hands

I have a product made Pacificly for over weight and or obese people , it is called 'the belly bro '

Check us out on facebook

I am creating a App with the help of 'ZAPOROO' and it will be coming 'SOON'/ I hope to be apart of the 'Shark Tank' TV Show so that I can show the 'World' my ideal!.

'FOUND IT' App coming soon 'Creator' Zirl Wilson and design by 'Zaporoo and Zirl Wilson'. When you see the App ideal please register and 'Vote' on the 'Shark Tank Zone' New ideal's and New invention 'page'. Are Company is Based out of Oakland Ca. We would like to thank you all in advance for your support!.

I have the patent for a talking smoke alarm that a parent can talk to kids wake them up and tell them what to do Children do not sleep like adults ....they sleep in a deeper sleep....and do not hear smoke alarms or get scared and hide Then they burn up in fire ...this has a proven record .....I can prove this !!

Great idea. I lost a brother to a fire .....

I hope I can be chosen to be on shark tank because i want my invention to be used by everyone in the world.

extremely incredible show the one and only show so fascinating <a href="">twitter followers</a>

Just a big caution to people considering an advertiser here named Davison. I know from direct personal expeience that hey are an inventor's nightmare and scam team. Check the Pennsylvania court records and you will find several suits won against them, with many others filed for their false promises. Save those thousands they want to sucker out of you and put it into your own business development and patent application.

I have tool that is like no other it is simple and percice

This is the best tool that has no limmatations

My name is shai elmaliah , i have been watching the sharktank show and i felt like someone telling me your years of udea dream is about to come thru god willing , i am a salon & spa owner for over 17 years and was very successful for many years and now over the last few years industry has been change for many reason .., I have an idea for last 5 years but unfortunate I was unable to find my way to an Investore who can make it happen , your great amazing show gave me hope , people next to me at the moment kind of laughing at me now ,but something in me make me feel I will be the one who's going to lough at the end god willing ! the idea is kind of out there in a very poor way in many other fields , and i know 100% that i can be a success and can take it too a higher level ,my idea is involve in a combination or the beauty industry and real-estate which all business investor like , less complication easier simple system . I hope to get the chance because I believe I can make the investor and myself and my family proud ,happy and rich and richer ..! My phone number is 19542571118 and I will hope for your call and I promise you won't regret !!! Thank you . Shai elmaliah .

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Read 'Trying to Hit the Brake on Texting While Driving', Sep 13, 2014 by Matt Richtel in The New York Times. It tells the story of Scott Tibbitts and his up-hill battle against legal concerns and others to produce his engineering solution to limit texting while driving. Its a GREAT story, and perhaps a Shark will have the connections to get him help. I have no connection eith the 'Times', Mr. Tibbitts, or other principals in this activity. Paul Skrotzki Reno, NV (775) 673-8640

That comment about Davision. They are very good at covering there a__. Read their contract VERY VERY closely. I thought I did, and I got screwed out of 8,700. If you read the contract you would be Crazy to sign it. Many squirrely things. They did not do things they said they were going to do. They put me in financial hardship. I regret it deeply.

For any questions please call 313-535-5069 Thank You!

I just wanted to agree strongly with Holyrocks statement about the scavengers with Davison... I have proof where they ripped off so many people and they had to pay 5 million and then 26 million back to the people they ripped off and they basically laughed about the fines BECAUSE of all the money they made from the peoples ideas. They tell you all they know you want to hear and take your money and THEN lie to you that someone else had the idea and then they sell the idea you had. Its disgusting!!!!!

Idea For The "SharkTank" Well, there is: My Idea is simple and to the point:



Need an Aerial Work Platform that offers the safest way to access 360° around vertical structures? At last, it's here. All of the details can be found at There is NO other manufacturer in the world that offers this design. The Lombardi lift has 3 US Patents and 1 Canadian. The new design that will complement the existing aerial work platforms and assist in safer working conditions and more efficient labor savings, as well as impact numerous other requirements in the construction and municipal markets around the world. More specifically, the Lombardi Lift: * Provides a safer work environment * Allows for better access to otherwise difficult or even impossible access points * Is more versatile and adjustable to fit your needs with no equipment re-positioning * Meets all ANSI & OSHA requirements

I have invented all sides credit card and I would like if one of the shark can hear me out so we can make some money please contact me 212-279-8500 and my name is shahid khan.

I had a Dream about a new candy bar on June 5th 1988, When I got up on June 6th 1988 I made the candy bars, wrapper, and I also drew the candy bar in half. So you could see inside what was in the candy bar. When my Family, Friends, Everyone love the candy bar. I wrote to 2 candy comp.the one Comp. told me they do not take candy from buyers, the other candy Comp. wrote me a letter and told me they are not looking for new candy bars. I need someone like Barbara to get a candy comp. to make the candy bar. I would give her 60% me 40%. PLEASE HELP. GOD BLESS Darlene Frohnheiser 26 West Front Street Jim Thorpe P.A. 18229 Phone 1-570-325-2107. I have seen people be on Shark Tank more then once. PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANGE. THANK YOU.


PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL. 1-570-325-2107 GOD BLESS Darlene Frohnheiser 26 West Front Street Jim Thorpe P.A. 18229

PLEASE CALL ME. 1-570-325-2107


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