Hot Girls Pearls

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Hot Girls Pearls are the first fashion forward frozen jewelry designed to kill all sorts of hot flashes! These 28mm gob smacking pearl necklaces and bracelets are filled with the same nontoxic coolant that goes into ice packs. They look like great costume jewelry, but with an absolute function,to cool off the wearer at the hottest of times! The pearls are stored in the freezer when not being worn. They have an easy on and off magnetic clasp, the necklaces come in three lengths, and come in three gorgeous colors (as of now), white, gunmetal and blush pink. We also designed an insulated neoprene travel purse with an ice pack placed in an inner pocket. All the wearer does is store the whole thing in the freezer, and take it all with her when she's on the go! Visit Hot Girls Pearls to find out more.

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