Hand Held Gel Pack

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The Hand Held Gel Pack is a hook and loop Velcro band which fits snugly around your hand or fingers, or limb. Velcroed to the band is a disposable perforated soft plastic pack that contains a liquid or gel. Body wash of choice. Pack surface is a terry cloth or luffa material. The Hand Held Gel Pack was originally designed to assist patients who have difficulty bathing on there own. No more squeezing the bottle, no more dropping the soap. No more trying to lather the wash cloth. This new invention will enable the elderly to bathe with supervision on there own allowing them to keep their dignity. The Hand Held Gel Pack will be used by many. Children learning to bathe. Arthritic individuals. People with disabilities. Anyone who wants to reduce the clutter in their bathrooms, too many bottles. The Hand Held Gel Pack will do this and more.

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