Feature of the Week - My EZpaint

This week we'd like to feature My EZpaint startup. This company lets moms eat in peace, have a great activity for kids with no clean up, to allow children to paint with a real brush! Each color comes in it's own bottle with it's own attached-to-the-lid brush. No need for water or paint brushes to harden to your kitchen counter tops. Each color is non-toxic and washable. EZpaint is portable, travels well and is even able to fly with your little one. Their easy ability to travel is something I adore about EZpaint. No one thinks of paint when they think of art supplies to-go, but EZpaint makes it possible. Want to take something to Grandma's house, to a busy doctor's office where your little one will be waiting for some time, to the park for a picnic and play-date with friends? EZpaint is a perfect solution for that. Hundreds of colors packaged so cute in sets of 3, 5, 8 and 16. Prices range from $5 - 25 Great for kids and even more amazing for moms! Do you want to eat dinner in peace? Sleep a little longer? No need for boring crayons at a restaurant, this is soooo much better! Also included are it’s own painting pages called EZcards. All of this can easily fit in a purse and will entertain anyone from 3 to 103. They are great for party favors, babysitters, grandparents, travel, party favors. Visit My EZpaint to find out more.

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