EzVip Takes Off After Shark Tank

Who is EzVip? EzVip is an Events Company that is based in Miami. On May 18th, they featured on Shark Tank at the ABC studios. EzVip is co-owned by Mark Cuban, Al Nelson and Daymond John. They have now taken on a partnership with Pitbull, also known as Armando Perez. Not long after they launched a new company in Las Vegas and partnered with TAO, Vanity, TAO Beach, Pure, LAVO, Rain, Marquee Day and Nightclub, The Palms Pool and Bungalows, The Joint, Moon, LAX and Ghostbar.
The CEO of EzVip is Al Nelson, 27, who is thrilled that Pitbull has joined them. Las Vegas was an exciting time for the company, and now they are planning to expand more in to New York City and Los Angeles. Entertaining their customers with the best is what the company has set out to do. They are becoming a success story in their own right.
To make life easy for their customers the company provide convenient ways of booking their night out. All they have to is book on the internet through their mobile device or computer. Their customers are given a night that will be unforgettable with only the best entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else.
After his guest spot on ABC’s Shark Tank in January, Al Nelson managed to get funding from two of the partners Daymond John and Mark Cuban; $150,000 for a 30% share. This helped the company get off the ground, and start their future in entertainment. Just before he went on air he was able to put together, with the help of Virtual Pictures, a 360° view of all his venues and nightclubs, so that his company could be viewed in virtual reality.
The virtual tour has been made so that pre-booking of venues can be done while actually inside the tour. Through this fantastic tool, customers can see where their actual table will be located, and get the best place and view of the show. To advertise their facilities even more EzVip have enable the sharing of the booking with friends on Facebook.

Al Nelson is the proud owner of an ever-growing entertainment company. Since in debut on shark tank and collaborating with Daymond and Mark, he has never looked back. They have taught him so much about the business, and they have a remarkable following of people in the entertainment industry. Al made the right choice when he picked these two over the other bids on shark tank, and has never looked back since. His company just keeps on getting bigger.

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