Dance With Me by Billy Blanks Jr: A New Craze In Fitness

Billy Blanks is a man with a relatively familiar name in the fitness world. But do not get him confused with his father. Billy Blanks has created his own unique approach to fitness in a fun and entertaining style. Dance With Me is a growing craze in fitness routine options and has the passion and the knowledge to remain a strong force on the market for years to come. The following explains more about the Dance With Me program and why it is a hit among so many individuals and groups.

What It Is

Dance With Me, a program that gained prominence and fame through Billy Blanks’ hard work and through the programs appearance on ABC’s the Shark Tank, is a high intensity workout routine. The focus is to create a high level workout regime that is fun, entertaining, and healthy. Dance With Me focuses on developing a dance workout that keeps the viewer and user engaged. Beyond that, though, the overall setting is one in which people are supported rather than judged and as they work out and sweat they can get healthy at the same time. The intensity level remains high throughout but can be altered to the needs of specific individuals, depending on their skill and endurance levels.


Beyond the workout aspect, Dance With Me also carries another great feature that many other programs do not have. The Shark Tank product focuses not simply on individuals working out and losing weight but about learning the technique needed to do so. This means proper teaching of dance movements to breathing rhythms that are necessary to keep going and going strong. This is one of the best attributes of this workout because it takes into consideration that exercise is not about losing weight alone but about getting healthy and learning properly. Dance With Me does just that!

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