Create a Surfer’s Body On Dry Land With SurfSET Fitness

A new fitness machine and workout program is sweeping the nation. This new fitness program got its name from the traditional surfer’s body. The owner’s of this fitness program understood the body’s benefits from surfing and created a machine that looks like and acts like a surf board on water. Core strengthening and fat burning fitness routines that simulate real surfing can provide give you that sculptured professional surfer body.

This unique program utilizes the physical movements of real surfers in combination of the adventure and fun associated with surfing to provide an enjoyable way to build lean muscles while burning fat. The program also provides balance training to the extreme. SurfSET Fitness also has programs especially designed for children, serious surfer training, as well as, a program for a complete balance of body and mind which was inspired by yoga.

Our programming incorporates the physical movements of the sport as well as the adventurous spirit of surfing for a comprehensive exercise routine that combines fat burn, lean muscle build & extreme balance training into one. We have developed specialty programs for children, training regimes for serious surfers, & a yoga-inspired balance class for a true mind body experience.

The board, The RipSurfer X, simulates what a surfer would experience if the board was on water. With a thirty minute workout you can burn up to eight hundred calories, improve your muscle mass, and all around core strength improvement. A resistance package is available that will fit all levels of fitness at a small additional cost.

SurfSET Fitness, recently aired on Shark Tank and was presented with offers from all of the sharks, after shark, Robert Herjavec, showed just how easy it was to use and how much fun he was having while experimenting with the different program routine moves. Although they received multiple offers, they chose to accept the offer of Mark Cuban, who understands the benefits that surfing has on one’s body.

SurfSET Fitness has classes located in various cities across the United States, they are also going international in 2013. But don’t be discouraged if you can’t locate a class near you, they offer their products online for in-home use. They also provide a program for gym owners and other fitness centers, so you may locate a class through one of these facilities in your area.

SurfSET Fitness is bringing a fun and unique way to fitness!

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