CoatChex – The Ultimate Coat Checking System

Developments in technology have seen advances in the way most activities are handled today. There is a now a new program referred to as the CoatChex system which manages the checking in of coats by guests at an establishment. This is a modern, state-of-the-art, ticketless technology that provides a secure racking system. All major event holders, hotels, organizations and institutions understand the importance of coat checking services especially during the cold winter months. In order to streamline this process and make it easier, convenient and a lot more organized, it is better to use a modern solution to an everyday problem.

Basically, Coat chex can be defined as an app developed for small businesses and establishments where customers grace. It was developed after the owner once lost a brand new jacket worth $300 at a bar. Many pubs and bars did not have a coat check in system where customers and patron could stash their jackets away without worry of finding them again. The modern CoatChex system consists of a Smartphone app and a check in kiosk. This system makes it easy to check in a coat and have it securely stored so that it is retrieved safely and in good condition when a customer or patron checks out of an establishment.

This great app can now be downloaded onto a regular Smartphone. The app can be downloaded very easily as has been seen featured on the popular show, Shark Tank. This app will make a debut on the show when it premiers. The software was tested a couple of years back at Super Bowl and the company made about $100 K in sales. This is how effective and successful the software programs is. Now any establishment can use this great app to provide a great solution to patrons and customers at their prestigious establishments.

When this program is initiated, it will take care of the set up and planning so that the staffing is also taken care of. All that will be needed is storage space where the jackets, coats and winter wear will be stored. Just as the debut of this software at Shark Tank, the same efficient coat checking system can be adopted successfully at many other establishments. There is plenty of important information regarding the software and how to acquire it. The CoatChex website is Those with any queries can post them to the firm via this web address.

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