Coast to Coast Aerials

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I've been in the television business for about the past 15 years. Not many people can actually say they really love what they do. Well I definitely do. About ten years ago I bought a Camera Crane, also known as a (JIB)... basically it's a 25-foot arm with a robotic camera at the end. As most people are well aware, the Drone business has taken off, both literally and figuratively. So trying to be on The Cutting Edge of technology and having the passion for the Cinematic art that I love so much, I decided to Dive Right In.. Both items where a significant investment for me. As it turns out they both have paid dividends. I spend most of my waking hours thinking of ideas and possible ways of utilizing these great tools. So I was doing some jobs for the Philadelphia 76ers inside of the Wells Fargo Center when they asked if I can fly with people in the building. Aside from the obvious risk involved and liability issues they were adamant about doing this pregame and halftime. Basically I'm just not comfortable with it. So I decided pursue and develop a remote controlled autonomous helium orb or a blimp. So basically if there's a problem with it and it falls it's basically becomes a big beach ball. On top of that I've developed a full 4K HD camera platform with a high-end camera, 3-axis gimbal, and full-blown stabilization system. On top of that it will have LEDs which are capable of projecting live video, And or text logos and graphics. I can also make it any color put any graphic or advertisement on it including even a coupon dropper. I've been researching and working on this for about a year-and-a-half There are a lot of companies out there doing similar things but because of my skill-set and my contacts and sheer determination I'm manufacturing the best product out there especially for high-end camera work. it's a $4,000, camera, brand new on the market designed especially for drone Pilots. It's super lightweight with interchangeable lenses remote Focus system and gorgeous 4K video. Without getting too technical the dynamic range on it is phenomenal there's nothing else out on the market quite like it. There's a lot of cool stuff being made in China and different parts of Asia but most of it was poorly built and results in a poor final product. I'm all about being made in the USA. The groundwork has been laid I have a lot of social media ideas. It's a foregone conclusion that this is going to be huge in the Ariel cinematography Market. The applications are endless, everything from sporting events to movies to commercials, corporate events, convention centers, racing events, real estate, ski resorts, and . outdoor and indoor music festivals it's a multi-faceted tool that is on The Cutting Edge of Technology. So basically I am an entrepreneur looking for some Capital to streamline my business.

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