Cinnamon Apple Rings and Ornaments

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My Cinnamon Apple Rings and Ornaments are a beautifully handmade decorative air-freshner that last for years! I've been making these on and off for 20 plus yrs. For reasons beyond my control I just now have got my business back and it's soaring to great heights! I have yet to walk in a store or go to a Flea Market/Craft show that I didn't sell ALL of them I had! The demand is huge and I'm NOT able to produce on the major market. Cracker Barrel gift shop/restaurants want these in their stores but I don't have the money nor the means to market them at this demand. They are PRESERVED therefore they NEVER mold or rot. The last thing I do is spray them with cinnamon oil! My best friend in Hazard, Ky. had one for over five yrs. and I told her I would send her a new one! Not only do they look beautiful and smell awesome but they make a great conversation piece because as far as I know NO ONE else in the world makes these! I would LOVE to give them to the world and your help is my only hope!

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