Breathtaking Petite Fours

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Several years ago I created a Petite Four cake system that includes 3 different kits with 9 different shapes. They are made by encasing cake with chocolate and decorating them with fondant from decorative silicone molds. They sell very well but I only sell them when I teach which is a couple of times a year and some by word of mouth. It is such a users friendly system, if you can use a microwave and bake a cake, you can use these systems. At this point I have a company that makes my plastic molds and another that makes my copper cutters. At this point we make the silicone molds for the kits. It is a complete product line There are over 100 more molds that are sold separately plus candy papers and dust to enhance the designs. This is perfect timing because food / desert item are very desirable right now and these are not a huge investment to the individual. I never had the money to invest to be able to sell these worldwide with the type packaging they deserve.

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