The Backdoor Sneak

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My project is The BackDoor Sneak and we are going to "toss your salad" by adding a healthy food option when at your next concert or festival. We are going to use only the freshest ingredients, finest cheesees and prime cuts of meat. My idea is creative, fun and a play on an issue our society puts too much negative emphasis on; the taboo, the forbidden (except in Fifty Shades of Grey), BDSM. I have menu items playing on this concept such as my garden salad, The Prude, My Bottom's Up salad and BDSM Salad, The BackDoor Sneak Mozzarella Caprese. All of my salads can be made into wraps or served in hand held crispy flatbread torpedoes. I believe this concept will appeal to both the younger, hip generation and the older more mature generation. It is unique, funny and not to risque. I would like to be primarily stationed in 3-4 rotating locations per week, have pre-ordered salads upon arrival and prepare lunch for walk up business. I look forwad to adding healthier choices with humor to this rapidly growing industry. Thank you so much for your time, consideration and support! Namaste!

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