The Ave Venice Kicks Your Creativity

The Ave Venice is the brain child of longtime Los Angeles native, Nick Romero. He fostered the idea from his desire to create a custom printing shop for the LA market after taking a trip to Chicago, where he visited a similar custom printing shop. After spending time creating a unique custom printing system, Romero opened The Ave Venice in early 2010.

Since then, The Ave Venice has attracted the attention of several media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, BET and Rolling Stone, thanks to Romero's ingenious idea of customizing t-shirt and sneakers with whatever the customers desires.

The Ave Venice has also been featured on ABC's popular series Shark Tank, where the business met a panel of entrepreneurial and business executives. Owner Nick Romero took on the task of facing five of Shark Tank's “star sharks” in March 2012. The Ave Venice's appearance on Shark Tank to a viewership in the millions has made people across the United States and the rest of the world visit the shop and place orders online.

The Ave Venice prints both t-shirts and sneakers like high-top and low-top Converse shoes and Vans. The shop uses a special custom printer that can print images onto various garments, such as t-shirts, v-necks, baseball t-shirts and tank-tops.

Anyone who walks into their shop can expect leave the store with their freshly printed garment or shoes within the same day of ordering. The Ave Venice even has a presence online—customers can place orders for custom printed “gear” and “kicks” through their online ordering system.

A customer can choose their product, upload their high-quality image of any type and place their order. Online customers should expect to receive a “proof” of their image on their product choice within a few days, with the final product arriving after the design becomes finalized.

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