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We manufacture a paradigm shifting , patent applied for, accessory for Law Enforcement & Militaries around the world. Anyone wearing concealed armor on a regular basis is a potential customer. Our market analysis tells us there are upwards of 34,000,000 people in the world wearing bullet proof armor and the number is growing rapidly. The Armorvent panels are a "perfect invention" --- simple, light weight, elegant, passive, inexpensive and exceptionally comfortable. The passage of air through & over the ridges allows for evaporative cooling against the skin, which, here to for, never occurred behind armor in any way. We sell on our website, as well as through the largest manufacturer of concealed armor in the USA (Point Blank Enterprises of Pompano Beach, FL. In addition we have distributors in Canada, Australia, Singapore, England & Germany for both Military & Law Enforcement sales. Visit Armorvent to find out more.

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