Zipz - the largest deal in Shark Tank history

Shark Tank Season 6, Episode 11 started with Steven Hersh, asking $500,000 for 30% of his luggage company, Biaggi. Biaggi is a collapsible luggage system that folds flat for easy storage. The Sharks are impressed with Biaggi’s $2.5 million in sales in the last two years… until they find out that Steven paused manufacturing 6 months into this year because he found that consumers needed more education on the product. Biaggi was born thanks to $3.5 million of investments to date, invested by Steven, his family, and a family friend who had previously founded and sold Rosetti handbag company for $162 million. While Steven is hoping Biaggi will be his $100 million dollar idea, even the salespeople in the department stores that sell Biaggi don’t understand the product. Still, Daymond has worked in luggage previously, so he makes an offer of $500,000 for 33%. Lori comes in next with an offer of $500,000 for 33%, and she’s already thought of a new name and packaging for Biaggi. Against Kevin’s advice, Steven leaves the tank to ask his father for advice. When Steven mentions his next business move is to go the demonstrable route on TV, Daymond steps back to because of Lori’s expertise. So Lori gets the deal!

Next presenter is Lydia Evans, asking for $125,000 for 20% of her company Soaps, Washes and Grooming Essentials (otherwise known as SWAG Essentials). Lydia, an esthetician by trade, developed SWAG essentials to cleanse, exfoliate and disinfect the skin all at once. SWAG bars are made from 63 all-natural ingredients, and Lydia currently makes them at home for $3.07/unit. The bars retail for $15 apiece. To date, she has $54,500 in sales, about 25% of which come from her brother’s barber shop, and the other 75% have been done through online orders. The Sharks are concerned that Lydia won’t be able to scale from her current at-home production, and that she doesn’t have the hustle to get into other shops yet. With that, there are no offers on the table. All is not lost, though, because Daymond gives her his number saying that he never knows when he might be single again.

Third into the Shark Tank is Feddersen family, asking for a half a million investment in exchange for 20% equity in their company, Gameday Couture. The Feddersens specialize in fashionable college gameday gear for women, randing from simple and comfortable to totally blinged out. The Sharks like the business’ growth from $750,000 in year one to projecting $1.5 million in year two. In addition, the Sharks like the 37 licenses that the Feddersens have already acquired. Unfortuanately, though, Gameday Couture will only profit about $100,000 off their projected $1.5 million in sales. The Sharks like the product price point, where the average manufacturing point is $8, which wholesales for $22 and retails for $44. However, they’re tripped up on the valuation, and Mark is wondering why the business hasn’t gone online sooner. Still, Mark makes an offer of $500,000 for 30%, but he won’t reveal the caveat until he gets an answer. With a accepted offer Mark reveals the condition: that Gameday Couture offers Mavs apparel that will get his wife on same side!

Fourth and last presenter that night is Andrew McMurray, asking for a whopping $2.5 million in exchange for 10% equity in his company, Zipz. Zips is a proprietary single-serving wine, with business goals that Andrew says are based on “packaging, packaging, packaging and licensing, licensing, licensing.” Zipz is a proprietary durable and strong plastic glass shape, sealed with a patented sealing process, and Andrew hopes Zipz will be come to the wine business what aluminum cans are to the soda business. While the Sharks are immediately reminded of two-time Shark Tank entrepreneur Copa di Vino, Andrew assures the Sharks that Copa di Vino was simply a “franchisee” of a patented product from France, whereas Zipz is the real deal. So real, Andrew says, that he’s currently testing with three of the top ten wine brands globally, including Yellowtail. Andrew says Zipz has done $650,000 in sales to date, including $130,000 in licensing through 6 major ballparks at a rate of $0.15/glass. But the Sharks have sticker shock when they learn that Zipz has 25 investors who have invested $8.5 million to date, especially given that Kevin calls Zipz’s current sales “pee pee pee, poo poo poo” (yes, that is a direct quote). Kevin also says that the $2.99 price point for a single serving won’t work, when 97% of wine is sold for $9.99 or less per bottle. Still, Kevin, who himself has struggled to get his wine company into Costco for years, thinks that Zipz may be just the ticket for both of them to get into Costco, the largest buyer of wine on earth. To test Andrew’s know-how as a business partner, Kevin challenges Andrew with the question of how to get the wholesale cost down to $1.06/unit, which Costco could sell for $1.49/unit. Unruffled, Andrew knows that scaling manufacturing would bring down the cost of packaging. Hearing this, Kevin offers Andrew $2.5 million at 10%, and he wants to option to buy anther $2.5 million in equity at exactly the same valuation ($25 million) in the event of an exit. With Kevin's encouragement Andrew accepts the deal!


Here To Be The Tardy Bird. SHARKS. YOU. Whom I voted Meanest. TEST THIS EXPERIENCE! It IS NOT MINE! NOW WITH YOU ALONE! I open Negotiation With This Said TO YOU: I Offer You 3.14% Of ANY I Receive. Net Royalties. I've Given 30% away Already. This Is The ONLY Percentage I'm offering to Sell. This Applies TO ALL Royalties Ever Received By MY Brand NEW Company!. I Have More Than 10 People Waiting to "Like" This Comment On Facebook RIGHT NOW. I want OVER a Billion Dollars (I prefer Euros) to Accept an offer ON That Percentage.Without Numbers, Agree to sign a Confidentiality agreement With Me tomorrow, In Person, With YOUR BEST Attorney,In Wichita Ks, And Bring CAPITAL, I'll Disclose My Idea to YOU. Respond If YOU know Who I voted For AS MEANest, As Soon as I arrived. Don't Let Who I know, or Who You Think I Am deter YOUR advice. I speak Truth, and You'll soon Be My Buddy! "Let's Make a Deal"

Am I Late? Or Perhaps I was The Early Bird. ;-) Employing the BEST sales TRICK I KNOW. Simply BE

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I have a great ideal for the shark tank and would like a chance to be on your show . This ideal is going to make a very very lot of money . Come on sharks you will all love my ideal and make alot of money ,

As I was watching your show, I was very disappointed at how one of the gentleman had treated a woman with such disrespect over her T-shirt business...he was disgustingly rude, which I found to be very unprofessional..that woman showed more professionalism then watch him treat her that way,why is it this man still has a job,he almost comes off as if he hates women, his name is Kevin, keeping him on your doing your show an will lose viewers

Oh my gosh your 2-12 show what a jerk that shirt guy was..I wouldn't of gave the jerk a penney let him go to China !!

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My name is angela stubblefield. Ive invented AWatch called KeepsafeWatchAlarm.i got tired of hearing all the amber alerts my child has been watch will save alot of lives.i sent my book that has everything in it.prototype.and research.i mailed the book to youre office and i put barabara corcoran name on it. I dont know the loops to take to talk to the sharks.i live in wichita falls tx with a sister itake care of.she was brutaly attacked20 years ago and left for dead.she has acute tremmoriinand shes in her last stages of distonia.i watch my best friend suffer everyday .her life was ripped from invention.came with a strong mind and protect. Please look for my book its in ur office number is 9403375529

Hello, sharks, it's just. Me, Angie stubblefield.even though none of you apparently , received a book I sent to your office . And I geuss none. Of you had read about my invention. Keep safe watch alarm. It's been a pleasure watching you guys and learning about business .God bless you all.

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I am the Retired Housing Officer at the now closed Air Force Base in Texas. I am also the author of a 501c3 nonprofit organization by the name of the William E. Thornton, Astrount - SPECIAL NEEDS HOUSING FOR After seeing so many of our Military coming home with their arms, legs and faces blown off from the enemies IED's, I knew that something had to be done since they had given not only their souls, but their bodies for our country. I contacted the VA in our local area and they reported that 200 Injured Military are on the Waiting List waiting for a place to call their own, the American Dream. Four thousand has just been deployed to that area. Phase One-To build 30-40 VA Loan Homes in a COMMUNITY SETTING, Close to the Base, that could house Single Military, as well as Military Families. Finding the land was difficult but land was located. Twenty four raw acres would be the perfect setting for this 3 bedroom/2 Bath, worthwhile development. One story, extra large garage 25x25, and with all the amenities that one could ask for. With approximately 300 family members, including mother in laws and pets, I began my quest. With that many people we will need a GYM for Wheel Chair Basket Ball Games, a workout room, spa and therapy accommodations. Possibly a Drop Down Movie Screen so the Community can gather for the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers Baseball. There should be a kitchen for family gatherings and children Birthday Parties. There should be a area for the Teens that have electronic games, and lets not forget the children's play room. We should have a 2 Bay Garage for oil changes and tinkering under the hood of the car. This Building should be the focal point of the COMMUNITY and should be full of activities. There will be a Church and it will be designed for a multitude of active wheelchairs with extra wide doors and chairs that can be added and repositioned as needed. There will be an PIPE ORGAN that has been donated by a family in Virginia. This 1920 Wurlitzer Organ was once housed in a Movie Theater in Los Angles California. We are fortunate to have this gift at no cost to our 501c3. We will be having ORGAN CONCERTS for the Community for a nominal fee. We look forward to acquiring many new friend that will return for next years concert. We should have a Reception Building where we conduct business as well as greet guest to our worthwhile COMMUNITY of Homes. With paved and guttered streets, there will be street lights in this community with Bronze emblems of the 5 Branches of the Military attached next to the LED street lights. There will be benches scattered through out the COMMUNITY that can be purchased and a Bronze memorial bar placed on the back of the Bench stating the gift to your loved one. Screened in Gazebos, as well as a Pavilion for family gatherings, will be placed on the grounds. This will be a quite place for our PTSD Military. We will have a Van that will be used to take our Military to the Doctor or an injured Mother to the Commissary for shopping. The RECEPTION BUILDING will be the first Building to Greet Residents and visitors to our COMMUNITY. Honored will be the father of one of the four Surgeons that served in Iraq and Afghanistan. WILLIAM E. THORNTON, ASTROUNT, his son, Dr. James F. Thornton, is on the Board of Directors of SPECIAL NEEDS HOUSING FOR WARRIORS. William E. Thornton will be our Honoree at the Grand Opening. Four Model Homes will be available for our guest to view when our Christening takes place. Lockheed Martin and General Motors will be contributing to the extra labor in the area of development. Women in the community will be making hand made quilts that will be given to each Military member when they move into their new home. An established Builder with a positive Track Record and has been in business since 1932 will be designing and building each home. Old Fashion large front porches, will be available for gatherings for Beer in the evenings. Swings and porch furniture will be available in these homes with no Steps or Barriers for the Injured to maneuver. Each home will be one story, central heat and air, double pane windows, ceiling fans, no carpet but wood, tile or laminate flooring will be offered to the new home owner. Owner can select the colors, flooring and plumbing fixtures. All will be designed around their selection of amenities. Kitchen appliances will be purchased and installed by the Builder. There will be a small HOA fee since there will be a Landscape Company on contract to care for the lawns as well as the Grounds of the Community. This group of residents will hold regular meetings and officers will be the governing body. Cost of the acres is approximately $4M cost of the Buildings $2-3M depending on the building material used. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about our project and I we will look forward to telling you our story in the near future. Carolyn McFarland, President, WILLIAM E. THORNTON, ASTROUNT SPECIAL NEEDS HOUSING FOR WARRIORS

I know that my written statement is not your norm when people ask for a percentage but you must admit that my request for funding is timely. Military are coming home with sever injures and that is far from normal for the agenda. To be different (and how many of us are different?) and not the regular format of programing, is intriguing to some. I am not your average person since I can describe myself as gregarious and outgoing. Expressive and certainly not boring. Abundance of energy but no problem focusing on reality. Last but not least, looking forward to meeting all the Sharks and telling them of our Community of Homes for the Military coming home from this Undeclared War that is now in its 17th Year.

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