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Pro NRG at Shark Tank TV Show

Pro NRG founder Tanya Patruno has just bagged off an investment of $250,000 from Daymond John at the Shark Tank TV Show. Tanya was accompanied by board member and brand endorser of Pro NRG, Brandon Jacobs. A former New York Giant, Brandon Jacobs shared a compelling, engaging and impressive tale of how he and his teammates at New York Giant had loved the drink and actually had derived the energy to make a comeback at a game last season. All the investors at Shark Tank TV Show certainly loved the real life tale from a man who is certainly one of the well known names in the game.

ZOMM Shark Tank Special

The new Zomm shark tank special has new and advanced features that anyone could ever need. What’s more is that it is offered at a very affordable price ensuring you get value for the money that you have invested. It goes without saying that this gadget is one of kind as it stands out with unique features and enhanced functionality. In simple terms, this is more than the ordinary wireless leash for your mobile device. You can as well forget those days when you forget your phone.

Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 7 Preview

Are you ready to tune in tonight at 8PM EST and watch a brand spanking new episode of Shark Tank on ABC? If so, buckle up your seat belts because tonight you will see very emotional pitch given by a stylist from Santa Monica who started her own slip business and a man from Folcroft Pennsylvania explaining why his scrubbing tool makes cleaning easier. Couple from Denver will try to sell the shark panel on their frozen yogurt for dogs! And finally a duo will demonstrate their hands-free, electric unicycle.

Cousins Maine Lobster and Pro-NRG Wow Sharks

Last week Shark Tank fans enjoyed watching Sbin Lomac and Jim Tselikis, two cousins from Portland Maine pitching to the Sharks their signature lobster-on-wheels food truck business – Cousins Maine Lobster. The only female shark Barbara Corcoran went for the lobster tail and invested $55,000 into the business.

MarzSprays Gets Energized After Shark Tank

There are multiple products that are in the market that are meant to help people to lose weight. Numerous individuals have purchased them from retail and online stores and have used them. To some it has been successful but to others the results have not been as impressive. Most of the products are either pills or capsules.

Wired Waffles and The Spatty Don't Get the Deal But Shark Tank Fans Still Love Them

The sharks were definitely snapping at each other during Season 4 Episode 5. Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary exchanged some harsh words during Roger Sullivan's presentation of Wired Waffles. Those waffles really had something in it since everyone agreed that this product is unique and has potential but no shark wanted a bite of waffle business. Cozy Bug dresses made from pillowcases presented a great concept that Daymond John couldn't resist to invest in. He beat Lori to the punch by impressing entrepreneur Aly Lessor with his connections and branding strategy.

BagBowl and Back 9 Dips Dive in to Shark Tank

Shark Tank’s fourth season’s episode 4 featured an unemployed Tampa man and his pregnant wife serve their famous Back 9 Dips chicken. All sharks fell in love with injured NFL athlete Marvin Philip who presented an idea for a spring-loaded laundry hamper, but not too much in love since no shark wanted to invest in Marvin’s Lifter Hamper. And who could forget BagBowl zip bag that turns into a bowl pitched Fleming brothers. Last but no the least was ZOOM - wireless device for finding lost keys and cell phones is demonstrated.

Create a Surfer’s Body On Dry Land With SurfSET Fitness

A new fitness machine and workout program is sweeping the nation. This new fitness program got its name from the traditional surfer’s body. The owner’s of this fitness program understood the body’s benefits from surfing and created a machine that looks like and acts like a surf board on water. Core strengthening and fat burning fitness routines that simulate real surfing can provide give you that sculptured professional surfer body.

CoatChex – The Ultimate Coat Checking System

Developments in technology have seen advances in the way most activities are handled today. There is a now a new program referred to as the CoatChex system which manages the checking in of coats by guests at an establishment. This is a modern, state-of-the-art, ticketless technology that provides a secure racking system. All major event holders, hotels, organizations and institutions understand the importance of coat checking services especially during the cold winter months.