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Startup of the Week - J-Tray

My patent pending invention is called the J-Tray. It is a universal, removable, very strong ladder tray designed to fit all A-Frame ladders. It is useful for all people in the trades and all home owners with ladders. The tray fits around the outside of the ladder and wedges in. Its tilted back design helps balance the weight to keep more weight towards the back where the tray gets bigger and wider for a more safer feeling when carrying anything. It can hold a full five gallon bucket of water or paint so it's made from very strong plastic.

Startup of the Week - Emerald Poker

I have been interested in poker for many years. I am fascinated by the game and have developed, what I consider to be, a new slant on the traditional game. This innovative game is called quite simply Emerald Poker. This exciting new game is for poker fanatics. The concept is based on the use of a 5 suited deck. The fifth suite is emeralds. The five suited deck can be played with any table poker game and is great for video poker machines. It presents less probability, thus better odds for the house; along with more possibilities for more excitement for the player.

DOT Insurance

This world has always been full of uncertainties and these uncertainties keep on piling up day by day. In this age of speedy technological development, uncertainties are fast becoming the norm. Hence being insured or having insurance is the sure guard against eventualities, because as advanced as technology is right now, the technology that can fully predict what will happen in the world in the next moments has not yet been invented.

Startup of the Week - Stocking Caddy

Stocking Caddy is a Christmas accessory is a safe and festive way to hang Christmas stockings without using dangerous mantle weights. Stocking Caddy is floor-standing, made of wood, and displays up to 10 Christmas stockings hung on vinyl-coated “C” hooks. Stocking Caddy can be assembled/disassembled in 30 seconds (no tools required), and stores in a sturdy box.

Startup of the Week - Oznek

Oznek comes in just soles. Flat, colorful shoe soles with Velcro. Around it with a detachable top. The shoe texture could be leather like, soft material, etc. The idea of this product is to have as many shoe designs as possible but not spend so much buying shoes that you will outgrow in no time. This idea is what every pregnant woman needs. Most of us women tend to have swollen feet when we are pregnant. I recall having to go a size higher throughout my pregnancy.

Startup of the Week - Movielator

It is an app that will let you choose a language to hear the dialogue of a movie while you are in the theater. I know that the Spanish or SAP is already pre dubbed into post production of most movies for an additional fee the app will allow you to listen to the dialogue live through your phones headset. Since we already translate everything into Spanish as well as In English I think there is a huge market for Spanish-speaking clientele that do not attend the cinema. And since only the dialogue would be translated I think the noise level of the headsets would be very minimal.

Startup of the Week - Bad A Boards

A few years ago we took a snowboard out to Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah. The board wouldn't maneuver down the steepest of hills. We tried pulling each other behind a Razor while holding onto a tow strap; we still had little success with this. The board just wouldn't go. We had fun trying and great intentions to make a day at the dunes more memorable. But still we wanted to succeed on how to make this work. With a lot of research we finally figured out how to sandboard and wanted to share one of our passions with others. Sandboarding without being pulled.

Startup of the Week - MealComplete

My goal is to add a "Meal" alternative -- complete, healthy, delicious, and nutritious -- to the vending industry world wide.Delivering 4 Ready- to - eat-high quality 3.5 ounce non refrigeration 1.Candy Chicken broccoli & yam 2.Ginger Carrot & buttery Mushroom, 3. Saute Cannellini Beans & Celery 4. Fire Steamed Brussels Sprouts. Domestic markets will achieve spearheading obesity in school lunch services, elderly care, and human services. Reaching world health services and foreign crisis aid to revolutionize nutrition universally.

Feature of the Week - My EZpaint

This week we'd like to feature My EZpaint startup. This company lets moms eat in peace, have a great activity for kids with no clean up, to allow children to paint with a real brush! Each color comes in it's own bottle with it's own attached-to-the-lid brush. No need for water or paint brushes to harden to your kitchen counter tops. Each color is non-toxic and washable. EZpaint is portable, travels well and is even able to fly with your little one. Their easy ability to travel is something I adore about EZpaint.