Book for Shark Tank Fans - Conversations With Sharks

Today we interviewed Kelly Cole author of new book called "Conversations With Sharks". This new book is a must read for those entrepreneurs who want to get on Shark Tank TV show.

What inspired you to write "Conversations With Sharks" book?
The show inspired me, after viewing the first episode of season 1 I was hooked. I would get my note pad out and follow the show like I was in school. It got to a point when I filled up two note pads & my phone with notes that I decided it would make a great book.

Shark Tank Season 4 Open Casting Call in Orlando FL

Shark Tank casting team announced that they are going to have open call in City Beautiful - Orlando FL. We hope that city where Mickey Mouse rules has plenty of creative entrepreneurs for fourth season. Shark Tank season 3 finale's highlight episode was UniKey's presentation by Phil Dumas who happens to be also from Orlando. Maybe UniKey raising $500,000 from Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary was enough to prove that this city has great entrepreneurial talent.

UniKey Technologies - Shark Tank 3 Season Finale

UniKey Technologies pitch by UCF's graduate Phil Dumas was Shark Tank 3 season's last episode. Great pitch and great product was followed by furious fight among sharks. Robert Herjavec offered Phil $1,000,000 for 75% of the company that offers “hands free” Passive Keyless Entry system that can be easily integrated into any access control system to replace keys, codes, and passwords. Offers kept coming - Daymond Jones as well as Barbara Corcoran offered half a million dollars for 45% of the business.

Will I Want to Draw a Cat For You Trump Facebook's IPO?

We've missed to cover this one, but at the beginning of Shark Tank season 3 in one of the episodes we watched Steve Gadlin doing the wild dance with Mark Cuban celebrating $25,000 investment in Steve's crazy business IWantToDrawACatForYou. It was obvious that Cuban didn't take this deal seriously since he kept calling Steve "Dave". This cat business is making big $$$ and all Steve does is he draws silly cants on paper and mails it to the customers.

ABC Has Renewed Shark Tank for 22 Episodes

It comes to no surprise, but ABC has renewed Shark Tank for a 22 episode fourth season. This year show started with 13 episodes and later in the year the network added two more. Shark Tank's creative pitches and innovative ideas are catching up nationwide. This is truly the show about American dream becoming reality.

Shark Tank Season 4 Casting Calls

Those entrepreneurs who want to have an opportunity to pitch their companies or ideas face to face to Shark Tank season 4 casting team instead of submitting online here is your chance. Blow is the information about two Open Casting Calls that will be held in May 2012. Click here to download the application to open casting calls. Be sure to bring your completed application and your best pitch! Be advised that security may check your bag and you are responsible for your own parking.

Duality Cosmetics’ NailPak Gets a Deal From Shark Tank

It's not easy to impress shark's on on ABC's Shark Tank. Last Friday night one successful entrepreneur was able to do just that - get an investment offer from lady shark. Barbara Lampugnale owner of Duality Cosmetics’ NailPak shook hands with QVC's Lori Greiner. It's kind of a pattern on the show that female entrepreneurs are leaning to take a deal from female investors. Without a doubt, Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner - the two women investors on the show are the only ones who have compassion and appear less threatening to entrepreneurs.

OrigAudio Will Turn Your Garbage Can into a Speaker

Has OrigAudio tried to turn garbage cans into a speakers? If not, hey should definitely try it. OrigAudio appeared on Friday's, April 20th Shark Tank rerun. It's really amazing how creative people can get - turning boxes into portable speakers. OrigAudio offers innovative solutions for music portability by providing an outlet for customers to become creators of style, set their own trends, and showcase their unique music personalities. The best example of this is OrigAudio’s newest product, Designears.

Original Man Candle Smells Great

Tonight on ABC's Shark Tank we watched repeat episode about the Original Man Candle. Can a man get any better gift than Man Candle? You can get a truck diver or a pizza smell penetrating your house with a help of these specialty candles. The only smell missing in this presentation was the money smell. Original Man Candle is a Midwest-based candle company providing high-quality candles for men.

Shark Tank Season 4 Application and Registration

ABC is continuing its Shark Tank season 4 application and registration process. Last year producers held several open calls in Dallas TX and Los Angeles CA. It's not clear if this year casting producers will do the same. The one thing is obvious though that only entrepreneurs living in larger cities like LA, New York or Dallas might be able to benefit from it. All other business owners and aspiring inventors will have to seek their chance of appearing on national television through regular submission.