Hot Tot Haircare and Game Face Company Land Great Deals

Founder Doug Marshall presented the Game Face Company. Doug’s business creates full-face masks for sports games, costumes, and more. Game Face makes full-face masks that, similar to temporary tattoos, easily apply to the face for one-time use and can be removed later. Doug was looking for a $450,000 investment in exchange for 25% stake in the company. All Sharks love margins but when Doug drops his requirement for a $100,000 salary few Sharks drop off. Cuban and Lori are the ones that see the potential in Doug’s business.

RuckPack - Shark Tank Combat Nutrition

Finding the right energy drink is crucial for people needing an energy boost while on-the-go or exercising. Many energy drinks do give consumers an energy boost, but don't provide any other nutritional benefits. There is, however, an energy drink on the market that has caught the attention of many looking for nutrition with their energy boost.

Tie Try - Clothes Do Make The Man

There is a saying that talks about how the clothes that a man wears really say a lot about who he is as a person. If you are a business man, your garment of choice is going to be a designer suit with a dress shirt, and a beautiful silk tie. However, ties can be expensive, but a man in the world of corporations and meetings needs to keep his wardrobe fresh. To aid a guy with his wardrobe dilemma, there is a tie service called Tie Try, in which a man can wear beautiful designer ties and then exchange them, or buy them if they want to at a discounted price.

Season 4 Episode 10 Recap - Tie Try and Corks Away

Jackie Courtney first entrepreneur into Shark Tank presented Nearly Newlywed. It’s an online boutique business as a way to buy wedding dresses. She has a background as a fashion publicist and realized that she borrowed clothes from designers and could use the same concept with her business. Jackie pointed out that her company has a website that basically sold used wedding dresses and guaranteed a buyback of 50% of the original cost.

Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Drew Beaumier was presenting wearable recreation devices. The person could transform from a human to a vehicle with a help of his Drive Suits. Drew was convinced that there was a niche in mass market production for these items. The money that he was looking for would be invested in patents and production. The items for the costume are part of children's toys re-purposed. He's won costume contests, but the sharks were more worried about partnering with a larger toy company.

Scrub Daddy Sweeps Shark Tank

Scrub Daddy may come as a surprise for many, given its price and utility, but those who have used it even once are not willing to part with the small little round smiley high tech sponge yet. Aaron Krause, the founder and patent holder of Scrub Daddy has a unique tale to narrate but what he has been up to lately is gearing up for his pitch battle at the Shark Tank TV Show. Aaron Krause has been a successful entrepreneur for about two decades in the automobile aftermarket industry and it has been barely a year or so he invented Scrub Daddy.

Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

First into the Shark Tank was Ginelle Mills, representing her multi-functional baby product, the Cool Wazoo. The concept of Cool Wazoo was made because Ginelle's daughter was burned when she sat on a park swing. She created a multi-purpose product that was a children's seat cover for swings, high chairs, and shopping carts. Lori was the only shark who was interested and invested in the business.